The BoatXchg Online Resource Directory contains over 1,000 listings of suppliers, service providers, and other resources supporting the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of antique and classic boats. The Search Listings function is a search engine enabling users to search the database using any combination of Category, Region, and/or Keyword.

The following is a brief tutorial showing how to use the major features of the Search Listings function, including:

  • Search by Category
  • View Search Results
  • View Listing Details
  • Limit Search by Geographic Region or State/Province
  • Limit Search by Keyword

Your search will begin on the BoatXchg Online Resource Directory landing page ( labeled “Search Listings.”

Search by Category

The database is organized into categories. Let’s say you live in Minnesota and you are looking for a nearby professional restoration company to restore your boat’s gauges. To see the applicable listings, click on the white box labeled “Choose a category.” This will cause the available Categories to be displayed in a drop-down list. Roll down the drop-down list until you find “Gauge/Instrumentation Restoration/Repair. Select the desired Category by clicking on the Category name. Once the Category is selected, click the red box labeled “Search.”

Upon completion of the revised search, the number of results found will be indicated in the lower left-hand corner of the results display, in this case, 14 results are found.

View Search Results

To see the listings included in the results found, roll down from the Results screen. Listings found will be displayed in multiple rows of up to three boxes each, depending on the number found. The screen will display up to 48 listings at a time. Additional listings can be seen by clicking on the numbered boxes beneath the last row of listings. Listings will be ordered by the number of page views each listing has received to date. The specific listings found are displayed beneath the Results screen, with each box representing an individual listing.

View Listing Details

To view the details of a particular listing included in the search results, say Kocian Instruments, click on the square box for that listing. The listing detail will display the name of the business, the categories in which it is included, as much contact information as is available, a brief description of the business, and a list of offerings. Additionally, if the business has had reviews on, the number of stars given and the actual reviews will be displayed. Spaces are provided for you to mark the business as a favorite or write a review of the business if you desire.

The business in this example is a “Basic Listing.” Businesses that have upgraded to “Premium Listings” will have a photo that is specific to the business in place of a red box, a more detailed description of the business, the company’s logo, a photo gallery, and a number of other additional features.

You can send an e-mail to the business by clicking on the e-mail address. You can view the business’s Website, if they have one, by clicking on the Website address. The Website will be displayed in a separate window. You can access Google Maps to get directions to the business’s address by clicking on Get Directions.

Limit Search to a Geographic Region or State/Province

To limit the search to the Midwest region, click on the white box in the Results screen labeled “All Regions.” Roll down the drop-down list until you find “Midwest.” Once the Region is selected, click the wide red box labeled “Update.” Note that the Category “Gauge/Instrumentation Restoration/Repair. is still selected. Upon completion of the revised search, the number of results found will be indicated in the lower left-hand corner of the results display, in this case, six results are found.

To further limit the search to Minnesota, click on the box labeled “All Regions.” Select “MN” and then click “Update.” Upon completion of the revised search, two results are found.

Search by Keyword

If you are looking for a particular business, say Kocian Instruments, you can simply enter a portion of the name (e.g., “Kocian”) in the “Keyword” box, which is labeled “What are you looking for?” Click on “Search” and the desired listing will be displayed.

Click on Search Listings in the menu included in the header to return to the landing page.