Dianne Shelly of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, owns this 1949 Chris-Craft 14-foot Kit Boat named Li’l Bit whose port of call is Long Lake, New York.

Ken and Cindy Miller of Lavonia, Georgia, own this 1948 Chris-Craft 17-foot Deluxe Runabout named Had to Be.

Trey Bull of Fort Worth, Texas, owns this 1968 Chris-Craft 42-foot Commander named Classy Lady. The port of call for the boat is Eagle Mountain Lake, Fort Worth, Texas.

Bjorn Bakken of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, owns this 1940 Chris-Craft 17-foot Deluxe Barrelback.

Dave and Karen Dixon of Saratoga Springs, New York, own this 1960 Chris-Craft 23-foot Open Sea Skiff named Colombo II.

Desi and Lori Stelling purchased this 1958 Chris-Craft 17-foot Runabout named Rocky in 2012 from the original owner.

Steve and Louise Leslie of Mission, British Columbia, Canada, own this 1942 Chris-Craft 17-foot Special Runabout named Lulu Belle.

Paul Anderson of Los Altos, California, owns this 1938 Chris-Craft 25-foot Clipper named Klondike. The port of call for the boat is Lake Tahoe.

Mike DeLayo of Coconut Creek, Florida, owns this 1972 Chris-Craft 22-foot XK22 named Big Kahuna.

Todd Zacharias and Loretta Pirtle of Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, own this 1959 Chris-Craft 40-foot Conquerer named Tuxedo.